we make voicebanks for fun bc why not


Info about Zourikyu and NostalgiaCarrier


All of our Voicebanks will be here

The creators

Both Oliver (aka Zourikyu) and Viola (aka NostalgiaCarrier) have been into Vocaloid and its community for a long while and one day decided to make a voicebank, and here we are lol



TAMA is our first ever VB and will forever hold a special place in our hearts


TAMA's design was based on an egg, and later was named after an egg as well (Tamago). The ideas for TAMA's personality came from sh*tposts and random messing around with the voicebank.

He's supposed to give off very chaotic but tired energy. He will mostly do things without thinking and without considering if what they're about to do is logical or not, but most things he does aren't logical anyways. He has dumb ideas with dumb outcomes. He can act like a child, but he can also act like a man in his 20's who just woke up and desperately needs coffee.